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Patch for UniSCREAM library

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This is a patch for the UniSCREAM library that was used in my song Fright Night that is in the songs section.

It is made with a combination of Kendall's drum kit The MINE, and the screams patch and lets you play the whole thing as a drum kit.

Unzip it and put the file inside the zip in the following location, wherever you have installed your Unify libraries, and then rescan the plugins to see it.

\Pluginguru\Unify\Libraries\PlugInGuru UniSCREAM 2020\Patches

Hold a note below middle C for a kick rhythm, and randomly play notes above middle C for rhythmic screams and noises.

It's called DRUM KIT - Screams in The MINE

-- Martin


PS You must own Unify, and have installed the UniSCREAM library for this to work.


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