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Plogue OPS7 - Slap Bass and Prog Organ (High Pass Filtered Multi-Transposed Noisebox) Unify SPLIT

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For those of you who have purchased and installed Plogue Chipsynth OPS7

I've been looking at some of those SYSEX patch libraries that are plastered all over the internet and found and modified a couple of patches and put them together in this Unify Patch.   Makes use of Unify to SPLIT the bass away from the PROG ORGAN.  Turns off the Modwheel CC1 messages as both these patches don't really need that kind of modulation.   The ORGAN layer is treated to a couple of extra transpose layers that are "high pass" filtered using built in Unify effects and added a bit of crunch using Noizbox FX.

All three patches will need to be saved to your "User Library/Patches" folder, so you can use the BASS and ORGAN separately if you like and then the extra "umbrella" patch has the parameters for the key split and you may adjust the volumes of both Bass and Organ in one patch etc...

once "unzipped", you may discard the zip files as only the unify files need to be placed into your patches folder