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Unify Master FX Chain (Mac only for now)

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This is a little Master Audio FX Chain for use inside Unify’s Master Effects Audio Layer to tweak the overall Sound of the Unify Instance you are currently working in.

• 8 Macros linked to Filters, Saturation, EQ, Stereo Imager and Limiter
• Left to right signal Flow: HP Filter > Saturator > 3 Band EQ > LP Filter > Stereo Imager > Limiter (set to -1 dB for clip protecion)

Required Plugins:
- Softube Saturation Knob (free). Mac AU only for now, since the VST version crashes Unify. Maybe it's different for PC users. 
- Ozone Stereo Imager 2 (free). VST. Originally, I wanted the included stereo Imager but it behaves strangely when going mono.

Included in the zip:

- Audio Layer Preset
- Macro Layer Preset
- Screenshot of Knob Positions. Unfortunately, the Macro Knob positions reset when loading the Macro preset, so you have to manually set the knobs to their default positions shown in the screenshot to return everything to unity/neutral.


1.  Audio Layer Preset:

Copy »Master Tweaks.xml« from "Audio Layers" Folder to
Users > Shared > PluginGuru > Unify > Presets > Audio Layers

Copy »Master Tweaks.xml« from "Macro Layers "Folder to:
Users > Shared > PluginGuru > Unify > Presets > Macro Presets

How to use

1. In Master Effect Section open »Replace from Layer Preset« and select "Master Tweaks"
2. In Macro Section open »Load Macro Definitions Preset« > "Master tweals"
3. Turn the Macro Knobs to their default Positons (see screenshot for reference)
4. Have fun refining the sound of your Patch.