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Using PolyBox to apply Arturia's new EfX REFRACT effect polyphonically

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In the attached patch, I have used PolyBox driving four identical INST layers, each with its own instance of Arturia's new Efx REFRACT effect, running a swept-bitcrushing preset. The sweep is retriggered when the host transport starts, so all four instances sweep at the same time.

Toggle the bypassing of PolyBox to hear how applying the bit-crush effect individually to each note of a chord produces a cleaner sound than running all notes through a single instances of Efx REFRACT. This works well with any non-linear effect, e.g. distortion.

To try this, you will first need to get Efx REFRACT effect (FREE until January 4, 2024) by going to and following the instructions. I'm using the VST version of the plug-in, so after you install Efx REFRACT, be sure to add the VST version of the plug-in to Unify's Known Plug-Ins List before trying to open this patch.

Download the attached zip archive, and unzip it to find one Unify patch file called Efx REFRACT sweeping CHORDS.unify. I saved this into the User Library, so you have two choices for how to get it into Unify:

  1. The OLD way: manually put the Efx REFRACT sweeping CHORDS.unify file into your User Library/Patches folder, then in Unify, select User Library and then click the lightning-bolt button to rebuild the patch database for just that folder. Then select the patch from the updated patch list.
  2. The NEW way: simply drag the Efx REFRACT sweeping CHORDS.unify file into the Unify GUI, and it will load the patch. You can then click Save and save it into whichever library folder you wish (User Library or something else).

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Thank you Shane ! I will try this as soon as possible . I love polybox features 😊 

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