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Miscellaneous OSC questions

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1. If I send an OSC command to Unify Standalone, is there a way I could send what Midi Channel that layer will have?  I have two Midi controller kybds, one on Midi Chan 1, the other Chan 8.  When I send load and embed patches, I'd like to designate which of the two gets which layers.

2. In the manual you have "MIDI-over-OSC messages use the path /midi and the non-standard format code “m”.  Could you please explain this more and give some examples showing what has to be sent?

3. Do you plan to add new OSC messages that Unify Standalone will respond to?

4. I know you've commented about challenges to getting OSC working with Unify VST.  You said you'd need a use case to justify the amount of work required.  Would it be difficult to make it so I could load a couple instances in my DAW with different port numbers - ie like 9001 and 9002?  This is so I can have my 2 midi controller kybds on separate Unify instances.  I can see where the ports being in the settings would be a challenge.

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I will answer very briefly, because I'm busy getting v1.8 finished and out.

  1. No
  2. See
  3. Yes
  4. Would it be difficult? To devise a general solution, which will work in all cases, including when the DAW project is reopened and the Unify instances re-created in a different time-order, yes.

I think what you are actually asking in #4 is Will I do this for you? Short answer: maybe, but not right now.