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Bought MegaMagic Trio - at purchase time wasn't sure if it required Omnisphere

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Even after watching the livestream recording yesterday, I wasn't sure if MegaMagic Trio required Omnisphere but since I'm reckless I bought it anyway and was relieved that it worked. I recommend listing it under Unify on the products page. 

I've been on the lookout for a string library/instrument that lends itself to live performance - MegaMagic Trio definitely fills that need. 

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States it on the products page first two lines of text:

3 of our most popular Omnisphere 2 libraries UNIFIED…. in Unify! No other plug-in required for this incredible library to work. 

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Hi WestPier,

I'm only trying to help the marketing department of the PluginGuru Corporation 😀 sell more of this library.

Even though Unify is a plugin I tend to think of it as a host so when it says no other plug-in required after mentioning it's made up of 3 Omnisphere 2 libraries I wasn't sure if it meant other than Omnisphere. 

Yep, I can be like that 🤪 


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Posted by: @dsteinschneider

...the marketing department of the PluginGuru Corporation...

Ah yes, the well-staffed, well-funded Marketing Dept. of the mighty PlugInGuru Corporation... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 

Jokes aside, we do appreciate the feedback!