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[Solved] Is there a hard upper limit on UI resource usage in Unify?

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Nico Fyve
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EDIT: Don't bother looking into this, Shane. 

I also found the plugin in question causing somewhat similar issues in Cubase 10.5 when trying to open too many UI instances of this plugin.

So I'm assuming it's not a problem particularly related to any code in Unify, but at some other level (either Pendulate, or a development library).

I'll just leave this post up for your reference, if this kind of issue ever pops up somewhere else.


On my setup opening many windows of a plugin UI (same mono-synth plugin on several layers driven by PolyBox) freezes the entire Unify UI (audio still works). [EDIT: Late additional note, I don't know for sure, if the UI was actually truly frozen, or just incredibly sluggish, since when I tested this scenario in Cubase the UI never fully froze, when I gave it lots of time to return.]

However I can unfreeze things by closing the freeze-triggering window via the Windows Taskbar.

In addition, real-time updating for all plugin UI's stops when too many of them are open (that happens already with fewer instances of the plugin UI open).


Encountered on Windows 10 (1909) Intel i7 6-core 4GHz with 32GB of RAM, Unify Standalone using the new freebie mono-synth Pendulate from Eventide's website (side note - a totally delightful synth for which Unify PolyBox unlocks extra greatness).

Opening the first 3 plugin UI's for Pendulate works pretty much as expected - turning a Unify Macro button connected to each of the instances updates the UI values in all 3 UIs.

Once I have more than 3 UI's open, the UI seems to update only for the plugin UI in the foreground.

In addition, when 6 plugin UI's are already open, opening the 7th plugin UI, that UI window doesn't render and it freezes the main Unify window and all of the child windows. Closing the 7th window via the Windows 10 task bar unfreezes things again.

Additional observation: The Pendulate plugin has a setting to make it use OpenGL rendering. When I activated that for all of the Pendulate instances, the UI freezing occurred much sooner - after opening the 4th instance, which seemed to render, but everything ended up frozen.


p.s. Why I noticed: I was making an 8 voice polyphonic Unify patch connecting the Unify macro knobs to each of the 8 instances of the plugin. So for quick testing I tried to open all 8 plugin UIs, so I could see if my Macro knob assignments were working in all 8 instances. And that's when I noticed the issues described above. I then proceeded to do extra testing to be able to describe the problem more precisely.

Just in case it helps - attached is the Unify preset I was working on:  PolyBox plus 8 layers of Pendulate (free download here) plus macro knobs

Cubase 12 Pro, Win 10 Pro (x64), several different midi controllers