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[Solved] MIDI Note Mapper

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Hi, I have some problems with CodeFN42 Midi Note Mapper and I’m looking for the replacement. Unify crashes on my system very often when plugin is loaded. The amount of data the plugin uses when saving its state also seems to be quite big. My combo box contains the following plugins:

  • 19 x MIDI Filter
  • 03 x MIDI Notch Filter
  • 36 x MIDI Converter
  • 06 x MIDI CC Generator
  • 06 x MIDI Polyphony
  • 06 x Blue Arp

Total number of plugins: 76

Everything works seamlessly till I load the MIDI Mapper – the crash usually take place when I’m closing the project (DAW). Also, the MIDI Mapper adds about 2.4 MB to the file size when saving a ComboBox plugin state (The whole Unify Patch File also gets significantly larger with the MIDI Mapper).

I have 5 sections of instruments (each section driven by the ComboBox) and I intended to use a Midi Mapper to create a set of 128 Multi Presets for each section. (Multi Preset is a combination of Articulations and Arp Programs that can be different for each individual instrument within the section). Each section can contain up to 8 instruments. Each instrument receives 2 MIDI CC messages: 1st message selects Arp Program, the 2nd one switches the Articulation. (There are some more CC’s, i.e., to control performance – mod wheel, vibrato etc – and that works great so far).

The first reason to use the Multi Presets is to overcome some DAWs limitations (only limited number of MIDI CCs placed on the same track can be sent simultaneously, even if they’re defined as a Keyswitches Activation Sequences (Studio One – max 8 CC’s, NI Maschine – max 1 CC).

The second reason is to make it easy to navigate between Multi Presets with just 1 Unify Macro Knob (that is linked to one of MIDI CC Generators placed inside the ComboBox).

Each Instrument within the section can also be controlled individually with its own Macro Knob or with 2 CC messages received from DAW – this also works seamlessly, however working this way gives us a vast number of combinations that can be difficult to manage.

Some statistics:

String Section: 6 x (Instruments) x 10 (Articulations) x 128 (Arp Programs) = 7,680 Unique combinations
Brass Section: 2,560 combinations
Oboes and Bassoons: 3,840 combinations
English Horn and Clarinets: 3,072 combinations
Flutes: 3,840 combinations

I was thinking about creating some sort of plugin script, but with no programming skills I’ll be lost. The attached screenshot shows my MIDI CC conversion map, sadly, I have no idea how to implement it without the Note Mapper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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UPDATE: I found the solution that works really well: Kushview "Element" with it's "MIDI Program Map" module + some PC/CC Converters (all within the nested ComboBox). On the left side is the Program Assignments list - a dynamic view that updates when the module is selected.

PS. The same way we can create up to 128 "Snapshots" of some Unify's Macro Knobs (program output = knob position) for embedded instance of Unify (with corresponding CC assignment) and recall them if needed with just one macro knob or with single CC msg.

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I'm glad you found a solution. I've been in touch with Element creator Michael Fisher for some time, and we're trying to devise a simple way for Unify and Element to share a common known-plug-ins list, so you don't have to scan twice.

Michael is busy with other work that actually puts food on the table, but it might help if you sent him a note explaining what you're doing, and let him know you like the idea of a way for Element and Unify to share the plug-ins list.

Robert.P reacted