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Unify crashing when experimenting with midi box and midi monitor

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Steps to recreate:
1) Create midi clip in ableton live 5 Bars long, with CC30 modulation on a 1 bar cycle (repeated 5 bars), CC31 modulation on a 5 bar cycle

2) Export midi to Unify Midi file dir (C:\Users\Public\Documents\PlugInGuru\Unify\MIDI Bank Files)

3) Drop instance of UNify on Track 1, add midibox, load above file

4) Drop m4l instance of midi monitor on track 2, set midi input to track 1/Unify (was trying to understand how the midibox thru works)

5) Press play on midibox in track 1, add instance of Unify midi monitor in Unify


I briefly see the CC30 and CC31 modulation in the Unify midi Monitor, until it fills the page then .....crash.

This is repeatable.