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Instrument Preset Menu Selection

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Hi Shane,

I notice that the more presets I make the more confusing it starts to look in the pop up menu.  When you select either a new or replace Instrument layer, the list is white text on the black background.  I organised my presets into smaller groups eg. Pad, bass, key etc.. but when you select your instrument, then subgroup and finally the list of your presets, it all looks a bit confusing. 

Would it be possible to make the second sub-menu and downwards a different background colour so that you see the new selections easier when they pop up over the first menu text?

Chris G
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This is a great suggestion, and I have put it on the to-do list, but I think the more basic problem is that pop-up menus cease to be practical once the number of selections/levels gets large. Ultimately we will need a different way to choose these presets.

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Yes, our lists get rather difficult to read when it becomes a layer over layer of text... I'd like it to be more clear to understand in the future, for sure!

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Fuzzy search dialog opening when one start typing (with open menue), could be partial solution, i think..