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LFO retriggering

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I am working (in Guru Sampler) on a kick drum with a kind of pitch drop using LFO/Pitch.  The LFO seems to be continually running even when I let go of the key.  The result is, the next key press may sound different because it is starting at a different pitch.  I am in mono/retrigger.  My request is to automatically retrigger the LFO on keypress when using mono/retrigger.  I understand it not working that way for polyphonic since the LFO is a single global across the patch and wouldn't make sense if playing legato either.

Please let me know if there something I am overlooking.  I've tried a few things and get the same result.  Or is there maybe a reason this doesn't make sense that I am overlooking?  Perhaps I will need to wait for Pitch EG.

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This is a reasonable request, and no, you're not missing anything.

The LFO in Guru Sampler is indeed global and free-running at present. I have added your suggestions to the to-do list.

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