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Support for custom UI? (follow up)

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I know this has been asked before, but that was some time ago - are we any closer to get unify skins? I know it's probably not very fun to implement, especially if you're used to the default layout after years of use, but I really feel the look of Unify is something that's holding it back. Steve Duda knew Serum had to look fantastic, so he hired someone to design it. Triple Cheese most definitely got a boost in downloads when U-He updated the interface a few weeks ago. Instead of being a hidden gem Synth1 could have been on top with a really good interface.

My point is, Unify is crazy good as it is and I don't think many people are holding out on it due to a lack of features. What I really think would take Unify to the next level is, as boring as it sound, skin support - and a new fresh look made by a professional designer. That would get people's attention again.

I admit I'm a bit selfish here, I want more people to use Unify because more users - more libraries! With Unify I can finally use Loom2 efficiently with favorites thanks to the absolute legend that ported it... so, I'm just asking, are we far away from implementing a custom UI? Or is this even on the roadmap?

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Posted by: @stahlvic

are we far away from implementing a custom UI? Or is this even on the roadmap?

Honestly, yes, we are far away. Unify was not built with a traditional "skin" system.

As for a "roadmap", well, all I can say is "maybe someday".