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Midi Controller Files Feature Requests

Nico Fyve
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Just in case these aren't already on the Unify roadmap.
And if they are, take it as an upvote 👍 

Feature request: Added on/off controls for midi remote control

It would be fantastic to have on/off remote controls for every sensible on/off button on the user interface including:

  • instrument audio mute on/off
  • instrument audio solo on/off
  • midi effects on/off
  • audio effects on/off

Having these as external midi controllable switches would bring additional flexibility to live performances and speed workflow during sound design.

Side note: midi mute and audio mute have some different implications, so they are both separately useful. (e.g. the audio mute also kills off a trailing reverb or delay insert effect, while a midi mute doesn't)

Feature request: Show current state of miditoggle on UI

Would be useful to see which instruments are currently ignoring midi input, rather than having to derive it by playing.


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All very sensible suggestions, thank you.

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yes!! I agree 😀 

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