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Unify with Abelton

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I’m hoping to run Unify stand alone for instruments and Abelton Live for backing tracks.

But I want to send Unify separately to the sound guy…

is there a way to send Unify to a specific channel out to my 4 channel interface? Or is it only left and right of my computer outs? 
If there’s a way to make Unify mono, and just out to one of the main two channels then I can configure Abelton around that.


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Hi and welcome to our forum. Thank you for clarifying your question about output channels.

You can indeed select which interface and output-pair the Unify stand-alone app connects to; click the "gear" icon at bottom right to open the Settings view, and then click the "Audio/MIDI settings" button near the top.

It may prove difficult to send Ableton Live's output to one set of outputs, and Unify's to another set, on the same hardware interface. This will depend on your operating system (Mac or Windows), and the audio interface driver. If you're on Windows, using an ASIO driver, you would not be able to do this, since ASIO devices can't be shared by more than one program at a time.

The easiest (but not cheapest) way around this would be to use a second audio interface (or even your computer's L/R audio outputs) for Unify.