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Using Unify with Gig Performer

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A new Unify user here.  In an exchange I just had with Shane on this forum, he mentioned that there might be several Unify customers who use it with Gig Performer for real time performance control.  I am considering acquiring a license to Gig Performer as well, namely to make Unify patch changes simultaneously with patch changes in two hardware synths. I am aware of how one can can select specific Unify patches by using a prescribed file naming scheme that corresponds to CC#0 and CC#32, effectively creating banks of Unify patches.  And of course the two hardware synths are each controlled via program changes.  

My reason for posting here:  I'd like to know how Unify users have configured Gig Performer to make Unify patch changes.  My understanding from an initial read of Gig Performer's documentation is that the designers discourage configuring GP to send direct program changes to plug-ins and external instruments, and instead to create individual 'rack spaces' that are hardwired to the specific combination of patches one wants to make.  But considering that there are probably at least a dozen or so patches that I would consider to be 'favorites' for each hardware device as well as for Unify, the number  of combinations of patches would give rise to an unwieldy number of rack spaces to create.  What I would prefer to do - if possible - is to set up a single Gig Performer rack space that contained three 'program change selection" widgets, with each widget responsible for issuing a program change parameter to one of the three instruments.  Then I could use a device like a StreamDeck or an iPad app like TouchOSC or MIDI Designer that would allow me to set up virtual pads, with each pad being assigned a unique combination of the three program changes I might desire.  

I'm not sure if this is even possible in Gig Performer, or even if my explanation of what I'd like to do is clear.  But I'd welcome any insight into how Unify users here have configured Gig Performer setups to work in conjunction with Unify.