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Unify .NKS files

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I've recently had a problem with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine MK3 software requiring a reinstall. I have the Unify .NKS files that I got from the Guru site, I think. They are on my system and as far as I can tell, the directory is seen by the above (KK and MK3). What I can't remember is whether they "previewed" the sound in Maschine or were just there to enable playing via the Native Instrument software. Could someone please point me to the original Guru installation instructions as I can't remember where exactly I got them from or what John or Shane's installation instructions were! Many thanks.

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Hi there - we didn't create any preview files for the NKS files. Those files are fairly dated at this point because with a number of updates I added additional patches that have not been added as NKS files. Still useful I hope but no, we never had any preview settings....


Here is the original V1.1 NKS installer file:


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John Lehmkuhl

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Been looking for NKS patches for Unify - this is awesome, thank you!