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Copy Paste Plugin State

Kendall W Cochran III
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I was moving layers (which were Omnisphere layers) from the main window to an embedded Unify. I like to do it mostly so I can name the embedded Unify what it's function is, like "Verse", "Chorus" etc. I selected the command button on the layer and selected "Copy Layer", then went inside the Embedded Unify and selected the Add layer button under the Logo, and selected Paste layer. After I was done the new layers weren't working. I opened Omnisphere's layer and the all said Default Patch. So I'm guessing there's still an issue with remembering a Plugin state with O2? I clicked on the Plugin command button and copied it's state. This is on my PC. Standalone.

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Well spotted, Kendall. Thank you.

Excellent timing, as I'm working on various minor bugs right now.