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Install Problems (Mac)

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Hi I purchased Unify , and sorry to say installation hasn't gone to well for me lol...(funny the demo install went smooth as glass )
First off i’m on a Mac .  10.14.6 (mohave).
All was going well until i was prompted to download the Library ( I was not sent 2 links in the email by the way , just the one )
When it prompted me to download the library it brought up a  dead link .I then found a link in the read me file to download the library and it was the same link ( not working )
Heres the link.
So basically i’ve had no way to download the  actual 2.5 gig content  library.
So in my infinite wisdom  i figured …Well , 'maybe i missed something  in the install and should do a clean install ' Well obviously that was a mistake because now , theres not only no content library , but the data folder that i erased (the one that prompts you to choose install location) wont re-install.So theres no data folder,  and no pluginguru folder in Library/application support as there should be. All it reinstalls is the actual plugin’s , the app , and the folder in the applications folder. It's as if my computer won’t “forget” the initial install and do a clean one.
SO I found this here  on the forum to run in terminal .
• Open a Terminal window
• Type sudo pkgutil –forget com.pluginguru.Unify and hit Enter/Return
• You will be prompted for your password
• Type sudo pkgutil –forget com.pluginguru.UnifyData and hit Enter/Return
• Type sudo pkgutil –forget com.pluginguru.UnifyUpdate and hit Enter/Return
Being i’m somewhat "terminal savy” i figured this would do the trick…The commands DID run , BUT , same thing ……won’t “re-prompt” me to install the data folder …Just installs the plugins, app , and folder in the applications folder.
SO any advice to get me a download of the actual unify content (the library) And how we get can it re-installed properly after trying to do a clean install
Thanks so much !

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update : seems we're good now 👍🏻

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Let us know here if you're still having trouble.