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Isabella suggestions

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Hello Shane

Just some ideas for features in Unify.

1) Key range transpose/mapping instrument to midi keyboard.

If eg a Kontakt instrument has limited key range eg c1 to c3.  If it would  be possible to map it so the range

starts at eg c4 on my keyboard.

2) Midi file range splitting (3 ranges), like eg hp filter & lp filter for audio.

Notes withing hp range are played by one layer, notes between hp & lp are played by next layer and notes in lp filter are played

by the next layer. Where any layer can be assigned any range from the Midi file range splitting. So midi files created can include

bass line, chords & melody in the same file, but be played by different sounds.

3) Midi note repeater, like a grid of eg 16 bars


Where you can specify that any note played at beat eg 2 is repeated 4 times, eg 3 is repeated 2 times etc

Midi plugin Riffer has that feature in version 3, think it is called Density. Can be used to create stutter effects in eg genres

like Dubstep or drum fills or built ups with snares.



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Hi @isabella

Interesting suggestions. 1 and 2 can be done using existing features in Unify. The third is interesting, but since Riffer already does it for only $39, and it's so highly specialized, I don't see much point in adding it to Unify.

  1. Set the INST layer containing Kontakt to transpose 3 octaves down (note-offset -36), so C4 becomes C1.
  2. Put MIDIBox instances on each of the layers, all playing the same MIDI file, and use MIDIBox's output-range controls to isolate each range.