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Xfer OTT Routed Macros

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Just a simple patch with some of Xfer OTT's controls routed to Macros. It's just a utility patch with a placeholder instrumunt to bring in the OTT plugin with routed Macros and get it working. You can replace the Guru Sampler with any other instrument Plugin of your choice - just don't delete the instrument layer - otherwise you are likely to lose the effect and the routing to the macros!

"OTT Depth" Controls the Input/Drive into the plugin
"OTT Tilt" acts like a Tilt EQ by moving the Threshold of the High and Low bands in opposite directions resulting in a high/low balance control.

Turn the Depth Knob up and then use the Tilt Knob to change the timbre of the sound. Have a Look a the GUI while turning the knob to see how it workss exacty.

Requirements: Xfer OTT Plugin (VST), freeware



  • Download the zip and extract it
  • Copy the unzipped .unity file to Unify > Libraries > User Library Patches
  • Refresh the Library
  • Type OTT in the search bar to load the patch


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