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Omnisphere UI will not open in Logic Pro if you have instruments with Unify containing an Omnisphere VST

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You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't

It is actually described in the Omnisphere trouble shooting guide. Omnisphere UI does not work when loaded as AU in the DAW while a wrapper software like Unify uses the VST version om Omnisphere. I use Omnisphere on more than half of my tracks and have just started using Unify

I tried to remove the VST version of Omnisphere in Unify and that works. But most of the patches I have bought from Pluginguru will not work then as they want VST. This is really bad. I have to give up on Unify for now.

Is there a solution to this? 

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I agree this is frustrating, but it's a Spectrasonics bug. There's nothing I can do about it in Unify.

The only "solution" I can suggest is to load every instance of Omnisphere as a VST inside an instance of Unify in your DAW. This would sidestep the bug, and should not introduce any significant overhead.

However, I understand that you are adding Unify to existing DAW projects where you already have the Omnisphere AU loaded directly on some tracks, so this will involve a bit of extra work. For each track where you have loaded Omnisphere directly:

  1. Open Omnisphere GUI and save the sound you're using as a new Omnisphere user preset.
  2. Replace the Omnisphere AU instance with a Unify instance, then load the Omnisphere VST inside it, and recall the preset you saved.

A tedious process, to be sure, but would only need to be done once for each project.